What is the Apollo 24|7 CIRCLE? Where can you buy it?


Our health is the most significant thing in our lives. The pandemic definitely made us realize this fact again. Therefore, you need to keep your doctors and your health care providers close for any emergency situations. Apollo 24/7 circle provides exactly that to its members. What is Apollo’s 24/7 CIRCLE […]

The Apple iPod Phenomenon

Matthew N. Henry

How did the Apple iPod Phenomenon begin? What made this little gadget the main technological innovation of the last several years, while almost single handedly altering the entire business model for music? Few products ever reach the tremendous status that the Applie iPod phenomenon bestowed upon the iPod. You could […]

What Is a 4K TV

Matthew N. Henry

4K TVs are the talk of the town in the technological world. What is 4K? How does it work? What is all the hype about? This article will answer all such questions in detail. The 4K revolution is not just limited to TVs, it is taking over smart phones, camera, […]

Snowboard Tech – Magnetraction!

Matthew N. Henry

A couple years back Lib Tech snowboards (Mervin Manufacturing) put a new patent technology on a few of their boards. It involved an outrageous idea create oscillating edges with the possibility of gaining more edge control, and they dubbed their brainchild ‘magnetraction’. It was a huge success for Lib Tech […]

Metcalfe’s Law and Marketing!

Matthew N. Henry

You may be familiar with the name Robert Metcalfe. He was a pioneer in creating computer networking technology. He developed a theory regarding the usefulness of networks that became both popular and controversial during the 1990’s and is still debated today. Metcalfe’s Law claims the potential value of a communications […]