What’s new in Angular 9.1

Matthew N. Henry

Angular nine.one has arrived, with advancements for performance and concurrency to the ngcc compatibility compiler. The Ivy compilation and rendering pipeline obtained notice as properly, ensuing in far better performance.

Angular nine.one, published March 25, follows the Angular nine. launch, which became out there as a manufacturing launch on February six, 2020. The version nine. improve to the preferred TypeScript-based framework switches programs to the Ivy compiler and runtime by default.

Ivy offers a lot quicker, AOT compilation as properly as smaller bundle dimensions, a lot quicker testing, and far better debugging. Improved CSS class and model binding is featured in Ivy as properly, along with advancements in style checking, build faults, and build situations. Also portion of Angular nine is ng update, which guarantees to be a more dependable and informative software for updating programs and their dependencies. 

Angular delivers dependency injection, which is significantly valuable for assembling facts expert services for programs, along with use of an HTML template to compose components. In Angular, builders even now compose components with an HTML ingredient that connects to TypeScript code for vital components of the program.

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