What is Citrix Monitoring?


Digital workplaces are being implemented by businesses of all sizes and industry sectors to provide partners and employees with secure remote access, oftentimes over a wide range of networks.

Digital workspaces most frequently take the shape of Citrix workspace technology. In this article, we go over what Citrix performance monitoring is, Citrix monitoring tools, why it’s crucial, and what tools you’ll need to efficiently monitor Citrix performance and provide the best possible digital employee experience (DEX).

What is Citrix Monitoring?

IT experts use Citrix monitoring to ensure that the company’s virtualized desktops, applications, and entire virtual infrastructures operate at their peak efficiency. As a result, the staff members are able to identify problems affecting network performance and assist consumers.

With Citrix monitoring, you can evaluate how well your Citrix configuration is working and get alerts whenever something happens that can have an impact on end-user experience.

We’ve prepared a list of the best Citrix monitoring tools in this article to make it easier for you to identify faults and rapidly fix them.

1 Paessler PRTG

A well-known network monitoring tool for diagnosing and reporting on the performance of Citrix virtual desktops and apps is Paessler PRTG.

You can further customise your monitoring and reporting with PRTG by adding your own unique sensors. You can use integrated sensors to monitor various features of your Citrix system.

2. SolarWinds

You may actively track the performance of XenApp and XenDesktop using SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), a powerful server and application monitoring solution.

This programme allows you to monitor CPU usage, performance counters, and all other activities for desktop applications and virtualization software.

3. Manage Engine

A strategic and potent network performance and application monitoring solution, ManageEngine Applications Manager performs network assessment and provides topological charts.

Along with servers and virtualization monitoring, this tool application also provides support for monitoring Citrix.

4. Control Up

ContolUp is a specialist software programme that monitors your complete Citrix environment in real time for infrastructure and performance issues and fixes them. This programme provides transparency, even down to specific user interactions and hypervisors.

Additionally, the flexible dashboard offers real-time performance indicators and tabulates data such as bandwidth availability, authentication turnaround times, and service uptime.

It supports all crucial Citrix components that you need in order to carry out your virtualized tasks. Even automatic procedures can be launched by users through it in response to triggers set on parameters or objects.

5. eG Enterprise

With the help of eG Enterprise from eg innovations, you may look past pointless metrics and concentrate on the subject of fixing performance issues.  You may actively monitor, assess, and report on the performance of Citrix virtual desktops and applications with this eG Enterprise solution. It works with the most recent iteration of any Citrix Workspace component.

Also possible are end-to-end accessibility, instantaneous tier-to-tier comparison of performance indicators, quick identification of the root cause of performance problems, and an increase in service uptime and effectiveness.

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