What are the steps of cleaning a firearm?

6 Rules to Follow When Cleaning Guns - USA Carry

Before cleaning any firearm you have, it is crucial to check and ensure that it is not loaded to avoid any accidents. When cleaning a gun, you should point it away from yourself and others before removing the magazine, which prevents another round from going into the chamber. If there is a round that is still in the chamber after the magazine is released, open the slide, bolt, or action to remove it. This process should be repeated at least thrice to ensure that there’s no risk to your well-being or those around you as you clean the weapon.

How to efficiently clean your weapon

The most important step one should start with is to find a safe, isolated area to conduct the cleaning process. There are several recommended areas that are perfect for gun cleaning and maintenance, such as garages, outdoor spaces, and any other place that is well ventilated. It is important to note that most gun cleaning materials contain harmful chemicals, requiring one to protect themselves and their surfaces for weapon cleaning. Most gun experts use gloves for their safety and a mat for the cover.

Since firearms are not like other tools and equipment, you should consult a licensed gun dealer to ensure that you have the recommended cleaning kit used explicitly on weapons. Using regular cleaning agents on your gun could lead to performance issues or general failure. A standard gun cleaning kit contains all you need to effectively clean your weapons, such as lint-free patches, solvent spray, caliber-specific brush, lubricant, and other relevant accessories. All these ensure that the cleaning is thoroughly done for a durable and efficient firearm.

Once you have the necessary tools for the job, the next step involves taking the weapon apart, piece by piece. Since not all guns are the same, you should consult the manual for a good disassemble guide. Gun owners who have a semi-automatic or any other advanced piece of machinery can benefit from using a manual since they have many intricate parts that require extreme caution. Every part, pin, and spring needs to be carefully placed in an orderly fashion, making it easy to assemble the weapon again.

The barrel is usually the first part to be cleaned, using a brush specially designed to remove any residue or grime. Once this is done, deep the lint-free patch in a cleaning solvent and push it in the barrel to thoroughly remove any tough stains that could lead to future issues. This step should be done more than once before moving to the action and finally lubrication.

Why regular firearm cleaning is recommended 

A poorly maintained gun is not as effective as a regularly cleaned weapon, primarily if you constantly rely on your rifle for hunting, work duties, or marksmanship. Most people who complain of having a faulty gun are usually unaware of the proper procedures and tools to use during firearm cleaning and maintenance. Consulting a gun dealer helps you learn how to carry out the process efficiently and the appropriate tools to get the job done.

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