Westpac to start consolidating bank ops onto new core network within weeks – Finance – Networking

Matthew N. Henry

Westpac will kick off the 3rd and ultimate period of its extended-operating main network transformation in just months, when it commences migrating all its diverse enterprise units to run off the new one main.

The main network transformation is 1 of two big packages of perform run out of the bank’s protected network solutions perform in Group Engineering.

The transformation was to start with publicly disclosed back again in early 2019 as “a significant, about $one hundred million method to simplify, reinforce and modernise the bank’s main network.” 

“The 3-phase ‘core network transformation’ method includes consolidating the bank’s 11 networks bolted jointly above the decades by way of several company transactions, such as the 2008 St. George merger, down to 1 to minimize fees and increase customer solutions,” Westpac said at the time.

iTnews can now expose that Westpac will kick off the 3rd phase in just the up coming fortnight, with an intention of wrapping up the main network transformation entirely by the conclude of 2022.

Westpac’s head of protected network solutions Wayne Bonett explained to iTnews that the new main is designed on Cisco products.

“It’s incredibly big and incredibly speedy,” Bonett said.

“The main network transformation is about standing up our scalable long run network to host all the bank’s details centre internet hosting and programs. It truly is also about consolidating down what was formerly replicate infrastructure.

“Why it was named the main network transformation was it commenced with standing up the main by itself, and then connecting all of the other environments into that main, and then leveraging network virtualisation to get started to consolidate down environments. 

“That’s an ongoing piece of perform.”

Bonett characterised the 3 phases of the method as standing up the new main, standing up goal security domains that link into the main, and at last migrating anything into the new main.

“We’re about to start period 3 in the coming months, so it is really imminent,” he said.

“The goal is to finish the complete whole lot by the conclude of 2022.”

Bonett characterised the main network transformation as an “efficiency and modernisation play”.

“What it will do is … enable faster connectivity in between on-prem and off-prem techniques mainly because you will have additional direct entry,” he said.

“By that I mean, with 11 [legacy network] environments, you can think about if you’ve set up a cloud provider, then you have to have to someway link that into the 11 environments, which is incredibly inefficient. “So as we consolidate, this will make improvements to the velocity at which we can link our techniques and make it significantly less of an onerous activity, which will enhance the velocity of alter for downstream initiatives throughout the lender.”

Westpac said in a assertion that it experienced commenced transforming its network infrastructure 18 months in the past “when software-outlined network technological know-how was deployed in details centres.”

“This paved the way for a change in direction of greater cloud connectivity for all workers, elevated efficiencies in network infrastructure throughout the lender, and enabled the SD-WAN technological know-how rollout in branches,” it said.

The lender also said it is 1-3rd of the way by way of a Cisco SD-WAN deployment to its 950 branch places of work – section of a different ‘campus’ network modernisation hard work.

Different to the main network transformation, protected network solutions is also overseeing a next big method of perform all-around the renewal of managed solutions contracts with big associates.

The lender declined to comment on the progress of this perform.

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