Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Nevada was a target of a “severe” cyber safety attack, with Elon Musk confirming a media report that claimed an worker of the organization aided the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) thwart the attack.

News website Teslarati said that the electric carmaker was the unnamed organization in a statement issued by the US Section of Justice on Tuesday about a Russian national’s arrest, in relationship with a prepared attack on an unknown organization.

“This was a severe attack,” Musk said in a tweet, in reaction to the Teslarati short article.

The Justice Section said that Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, 27, a Russian nationwide, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to intentionally induce problems to a shielded pc by attempting to recruit an worker to introduce a malware into a method.

The malware was aimed at extracting knowledge from the network and then to threaten the organization for ransom money, the statement said.

According to the Justice Section, Kriuchkov had promised the worker an incentive of US$1 million on introducing the malware into the method.

But the worker alerted the FBI, who ended up prosperous in thwarting the attack, a criticism submitted by the FBI’s Las Vegas Subject Place of work confirmed.