Tape could replace hard drives – in some cases – thanks to this breakthrough

Matthew N. Henry

Fujitsu has introduced a new technological innovation termed Digital Built-in File Process that it suggests could enable magnetic tape storage compete with tough disk drives as a reduced-expense, massive capability storage option.

With the feud among Sony and Fujitsu about LTO fixed late very last 12 months, all eyes are now on LTO-nine, which is expected to be delivered in 2020. This iteration will provide capacities up to 26.1TB (uncompressed) and uncooked throughput of up to 708MB/sec.

That is a larger capability than the biggest tough drive on the marketplace (at present 20TB) –  also quicker and probable less expensive too. Insert in on-the-fly compression capabilities and, all of a sudden, it really is all looking rosy for the venerable tape. 

Hacking the file process

Fujitsu’s Digital Built-in File Process (VIFS) makes it possible for “multiple tape cartridges to be consolidated into one”, which implies users can accessibility info without the need of worrying about particular person tape cartridges.

It appears a little like RAID but for tapes, which implies that you can probable need various tape drives or a tape library. This limits the products to business and massive companies, wherever storage needs are normally calculated in Petabytes and Exabytes.

The Japanese corporation statements to have improved the study speeds by far more than fourfold in one particular trial run, though one more examination yielded a pace advancement of approximately 2X.

“This technological innovation allows large-pace tape accessibility performance, such as random reads and writes of different measurements happening in archive apps, and is expected to give a expense-effective info archiving infrastructure for very long-time period archiving of massive volumes of info,” Fujitsu extra.

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