‘Hydrogen-On-Tap’ Device Turns Trucks Into Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

The city of Carmel, Ind., has vehicles for plowing snow, salting streets, and carrying landscaping equipment. But a single cherry-red pickup can do anything no other automobile can: produce its individual hydrogen.

A 45-kilogram metallic box sits in the bed of the perform truck. When a driver begins the motor, the product instantly begins concocting the colorless, odorless gasoline, which feeds into the engine’s consumption manifold. This helps prevent the truck from guzzling gasoline until eventually the hydrogen supply runs out. The pickup has no fuel cell module, a common component in most hydrogen automobiles. No substantial-pressure storage tanks or Read More

Novel Camera Calibration Method Could Drive Safer Autonomous Vehicles

A more quickly and much more accurate digital camera orientation estimation approach that could make self-driving autos safer.

Autonomous or self-driving automobiles enjoy the streets before them making use of inbuilt cameras. Guaranteeing that accurate digital camera orientation is taken care of during driving is, as a result, critical to allowing these automobiles out on streets. Getting us one phase nearer to realizing autonomous driving techniques, researchers from Korea have formulated a highly accurate and efficient digital camera orientation estimation approach that will allow this kind of automobiles to navigate securely throughout distances.

Impression credit rating: Chung-Ang College

Due to

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Fits and Starts for Autonomous Vehicles, and More Car News This Week

At some factors three or so yrs back, it looked like self-driving cars may well surface at your or my door any minute. But now it is apparent the journey to robot cars will be much more of a slog. This week, we obtained perception into some important actions required just before the motor vehicles really strike the road. For just one, the federal govt desires to figure out its tactic to regulating autonomous motor vehicles, and to the sophisticated driver-help tech that precedes it. A federal security board criticized regulators for the tactic they are using to Tesla Autopilot—even

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