LG phones 2020: how to find the best LG phone for you

LG even now helps make some great phones but it is fewer well-known globally than it was in the heady mid 2010 times of the increase of Android. Nevertheless it is unwise to price reduction LG from your smartphone shopping for final decision as the firm even now helps make some of the greatest hardware out there – it just lacks the big marketing and advertising finances of fellow South Korean huge Samsung.  

But LG’s slight dip has meant its smartphone release routine is a bit all more than the put and it’s basically really really hard to guess when

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Motorola Razr review: It’s one of my favorite phones, but I won’t buy it

When I picked up the Motorola Razr foldable phone for the first time I was taken aback by how heavy it was. Unlike the original lovable and seemingly indestructible plastic version from 2004, this new Razr is dense. It’s made from glass, stainless steel and plastic and weighs nearly the same as the 6.55-inch OnePlus 7 Pro. The first time I flicked it open with my wrist in one motion, that satisfying Razr feeling was back. The action feels tighter than the OG Razr, but you can still slam it shut after a phone call.


  • Impressively small
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