Technology and Its Limits: Transformation is About People

In the argot of present day technologies earth, transformation is about “Persons + Equipment.” The device by yourself is, perfectly, just a device.

The technologies earth is awash in converse of “transformation.” The most prevalent type that this discussion requires is one particular of “digital transformation.” This idea has been supplied good credence by doer and pundit alike and has garnered not only a good deal of notice but also an avalanche of means. The notion is basic and potent: Modern organizations will need to have a digital backbone, irrespective of irrespective of whether their primary products and companies are

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Are there any limits to AI? And should we avoid approaching them?

Current capabilities of artificial intelligence technology are already extremely advanced. AI is being integrated in physical and virtual robots, smart personal devices, autonomous cars, industrial control equipment, and much, much more. And, the future development prospects do not show any signs of an end to what can be done with this kind of tech.

Software to ’emulate’ human beings is already being developed. Image credit: The Age of A.I. (YouTube video screenshot)

But the human himself (or herself) has many limitations, many of which have already been far exceeded by many different technical measures that have been developed in the

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