Travel giant CWT pays $6.3m ransom to cyber criminals – Security

US travel management firm CWT paid US$four.5 million (A$6.3 million) to hackers who stole reams of sensitive corporate data files and said they had knocked 30,000 computers offline, according to a report of the ransom negotiations seen by Reuters.

The attackers used a strain of ransomware named Ragnar Locker, which encrypts computer data files and renders them unusable until eventually the victim pays for obtain to be restored.

The ensuing negotiations concerning the hackers and a CWT consultant remained publicly obtainable in an on line chat team, delivering a uncommon perception into the fraught relationship concerning cyber criminals and

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RangeAmp attacks turn CDNs into giant DoS cannons – Cloud – Security

Chinese scientists have outlined a way to abuse modest requests to website servers hosted through articles shipping networks that makes it possible for attackers to crank out DDoS attacks.

Named RangeAmp [pdf] the assault exploits the hyper textual content transfer protocol (HTTP) Vary Requests attribute to question for a random, modest volume of information from a big file on a server, like a byte out of gigabyte and terabyte sized sources.

Since a CDN is not likely to have the modest volume of information cached, it will have to request the entire big file from the origin server it is

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