Will A.I. Make Medicine More Human?

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Right now, heading to see your doctor can come to feel a minor impersonal to numerous, physicians look rushed, uncaring and aloof. According to a 2019 analyze in the Journal of General Inner Medicine, medical practitioners only ask individuals about their concerns close to a 3rd of the time. When they do ask, they interrupt within eleven seconds two-thirds of the time. And due to the fact physicians must now plug professional medical details

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Powerful new AI technique detects and classifies galaxies in astronomy image data

UCSC scientists produced a deep-understanding framework identified as Morpheus to execute pixel-stage morphological classifications of objects in astronomical photos

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz have produced a highly effective new laptop or computer software called Morpheus that can assess astronomical picture information pixel by pixel to detect and classify all of the galaxies and stars in huge information sets from astronomy surveys.

A Hubble Space Telescope picture of a region in the Hubble Legacy Fields contains a huge disk galaxy (above). The picture underneath displays the Morpheus morphological classification results for the similar region. Impression credits: NASA/STScI and Ryan Hausen

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Conversational AI to help with high demands in contact centers

Get in touch with facilities have skilled an inflow of calls with minimal employees due to COVID-19 lockdowns all over the world. As a end result, firms are turning to conversational AI tools this kind of as interactive voice response techniques and chatbots.

For case in point, Nuance Communications recently announced Voice to Agent Messaging, a new capacity in the Nuance Intelligent Engagement System. Relatively than forcing customers to wait around for an offered agent or go away a amount to obtain a call back, the attribute allows them go away messages, then transcribes the calls and employs natural language

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Advancing AI with Neuromorphic Computing Platforms

Inside the universe of AI-optimized chip architectures, what sets neuromorphic approaches apart is their potential to use intricately connected hardware circuits.
Image: Wright Studio -

Impression: Wright Studio –

Artificial intelligence is the basis of self-driving automobiles, drones, robotics, and several other frontiers in the 21st century. Hardware-based acceleration is important for these and other AI-driven solutions to do their employment effectively.

Specialized hardware platforms are the long run of AI, equipment discovering (ML), and deep discovering at every tier and for every activity in the cloud-to-edge planet in which we are living.

With out AI-optimized chipsets, purposes these kinds of as multifactor

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Are there any limits to AI? And should we avoid approaching them?

Current capabilities of artificial intelligence technology are already extremely advanced. AI is being integrated in physical and virtual robots, smart personal devices, autonomous cars, industrial control equipment, and much, much more. And, the future development prospects do not show any signs of an end to what can be done with this kind of tech.

Software to ’emulate’ human beings is already being developed. Image credit: The Age of A.I. (YouTube video screenshot)

But the human himself (or herself) has many limitations, many of which have already been far exceeded by many different technical measures that have been developed in the

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