Roborock S5 Max hands-on: Superb dust collection from a multi-function robot vacuum Review

Matthew N. Henry

The idea of automated mopping whilst accumulating dust appeals to me, so I was keen to exam the $600 Roborock S5 Max.

I have appeared at the Roborock item line in the past, and have been genuinely impressed with its suction capacity and quiet motors. The Roborock S5 Max takes this a person move more with an built-in h2o tank and mopping module.

The Roborock S5 Max is a awesome, attractive robotic vacuum with 2000Pa suction and a battery that will clear for in excess of two hrs. Out there in black or white, the S5 Max has a navigation method that scans the place and makes a map of the spot to be cleaned.

This spot can be configured with up to 3 zones in the Roborock application employing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, so you can specify which zones are for mopping only and which zones are for vacuuming. These zones are useful, as the vacuum will conveniently get in excess of thresholds of up to about a person inch, so if there is carpet throughout the threshold, you would require to set the zone.

The dustbin is a fair dimensions — 460ml — and does not require emptying normally. A genuinely useful addition is that the filter cleaning brush for the S5 Max is underneath the deal with of the vacuum. I like this contact.

The 13 sensors and four cliff edge sensors necessarily mean that the robotic does not crash into road blocks and moves again away from ledges right before any wheel goes in excess of the edge of the ledge.

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The S5 Max promptly and conveniently connects to the Roborock application, which has several useful capabilities. You can set the moments of automated cleaning, decide whether the robotic increases suction electric power when it moves in excess of the carpet, and pick the do not disturb moments.

You can set different moments for different zones and pick areas for the robotic to go to and start off cleaning.

A genuinely useful aspect is that if the robotic detects that it does not have adequate battery remaining for it to finish the room, it will return to its dock, top rated-up its demand and return to finish the spot.

It also can be controlled by voice for each zone employing Alexa although I did not use this aspect normally. My cleaning regimen is as arms-off as attainable, so I have a tendency to set an automated agenda for unique moments and neglect it.

You can also see information and facts about how lots of hrs the brushes and filters have been utilized, and how significantly time is remaining right before the merchandise require to be cleaned or replaced.

A “find my robotic” link activates the robot’s onboard voice, so you can track down it if it does not go again to the dock. In the course of the whole exam, the S5 Max did not get dropped at all.

The vacuum physique has a h2o tank that feeds the mopping module with clear h2o for mopping. The mopping module also has a modest tank and a mopping cloth mounted to the bottom of the tank.

The robotic also has a dampness-proof mat for the floor at the docking station to make confident that floors do not get broken when the robotic returns to its base.


(Impression: Eileen Brown)

The consumer tutorial says to install the mopping module, fill the tank with h2o, and force it together the bottom of the major device following the alignment mark. It will click into spot to present it is mounted properly.

I experienced sizeable difficulties striving to get the mopping module to connect to the bottom of the h2o tank. It was difficult to tutorial the mopping module together the bottom of the tank.

I took the h2o tank off the vacuum and tried using to slide the mopping module on to the h2o tank. It was exceptionally stiff and would not click into spot. There are tutorial slots on the major h2o tank, and a a person-way catch to enable the mopping module to click into the gap in the h2o tank. In the photograph, the lug (outlined in pink) is intended to clip into the gap outlined in yellow.

No issue how challenging I shoved the mopping module down its tutorial slots, I could not get the mopping device to effectively seat underneath its tank.

I broke two nails striving to get this firmly hooked up to the tank to no avail.

This usually means that the mopping device stuck out from underneath the physique of the vacuum, which is not correct, according to all of the films I watched.


(Impression: Eileen Brown)

There is scant information and facts in the consumer tutorial on how to match the mopping tank to the h2o tank.

With no the correct seating of the tank, the application exhibits that the tank is not mounted, which usually means that I could not regulate the h2o stream.

I assume I’d have needed to use a hammer to get the tank into spot — anything I was reluctant to do as I would have by no means been able to disconnect the two tanks to refill them once again.

I was unfortunate that I couldn’t get the mopping module sited effectively. Day-to-day mopping would have been a useful addition for me, specifically as I experienced configured my mopping zones and my carpeted zones.

All in all, this is a genuinely potent vacuum cleaner with an quick to use (and connect to) application and an built-in automated mopping functionality. 

If you can take care of to get the mopping tank effectively seated underneath the major tank, then you will have a wonderful multi-intent robotic. I am unfortunate that it did not work for me.

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