Reolink Go PT security camera review: Surveillance in far-flung places Review

Matthew N. Henry

On the surface area, the Reolink Go PT external stability digital camera is just about the exact as the Reolink Argus PT digital camera. But it has 1 compact but important variance.

You can put this digital camera just about everywhere. I say just about simply because this stability digital camera will transmit signals from anywhere it is to your mobile cell phone — as extensive as there is a mobile cell phone signal.

The Go PT can operate on 4G LTE and 3G networks. You do not require to join this gadget to Wi-Fi to maintain monitor of your valuables.

You do not even require to plug it into a energy offer. The Go PT comes with a rechargeable battery or you can demand your Go PT gadget employing the optional photo voltaic energy pack.

Like the Reolink Argus PT, the Go PT has a 355-degree horizontal panning and 140 levels tilt to observe an just about entire subject of watch. Like the Argus PT, it has a PIR motion sensor, alerts, and will broadcast a voice notify. in simple fact, these cameras are just about the exact.

All you require for the Go PT is to by a SIM and set up a knowledge agreement for the card. Which is it.

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The elegance of this gadget is that you can mount it considerably absent from your Wi-Fi access stage, and it will observe and transmit by means of 3G or 4G knowledge.

The Reolink application manages the Go PT and the controls are the exact for all of the Reolink cameras. Connecting the digital camera to the application is easy.

I put in considerably more time receiving the SIM card agreement set up and activated than the time I put in connecting the digital camera to the application, and screwing the device to the drop.

The most significant variance I observed concerning the Argus PT and the Go PT was the mounting frame for the digital camera.

I felt that the Reolink Argus PT mount was flimsy, still the mount for the Go PT — pretty much the exact digital camera — was appreciably improved good quality. It is nonetheless plastic, but I was happy to put in this with out fashioning an substitute mount for the digital camera.

With the photo voltaic panel bundled, the Reolink Go PT prices just less than $290, but if you have a large property, are out of Wi-Fi selection, this added expense could be some thing to think about. 

If you want to make guaranteed your outbuildings are safe, and you have no energy to these sites, then the Reolink Go PT really should definitely be on your checklist of stability products to acquire.

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