PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode Coming April 16: Here’s What We Can Expect

Matthew N. Henry

PUBG Mobile will get a ‘Cold Front Survival‘ mode starting April 16, as teased by the games social media accounts. While not much is confirmed about the new mode, the multiple posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook from the games official account have had fans trying to figure out what the new mode will be all about. From one of the posts, it can be seen that there will be a new item added to the game. Another post shows the image of a drone as part of the new Cold Front Survival mode.

While the company has not clarified which map will be getting this mode, reports suggest that Cold Front Survival could come to the Erangel and Vikendi. Given that Vikendi is already a snow map, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Cold Front Survival mode is exclusive to Vikendi. The report also states that players will have to collect wood and chickens to survive through the snowstorm in this new mode for PUBG Mobile. Judging by the Instagram post by the official PUBG Mobile account, this does seem to be the case. The post has an image which shows players eating a chicken dinner, presumably to stay warm and survive the cold.

Another post on Instagram shows a drone flying over the map. Again, PUBG Mobile has not given any information on what role the drone will play in the game but, the reports suggest the drones could help players in spotting animals so that they can either stay away from them or kill them with ease. Reports speculate players will have to survive through multiple snowstorms as well as kill other players during the match.

According to a Facebook post by PUBG Mobile, there will be a new item added to this game mode as well. “Any guesses on what this new item is? #ColdFrontSurvival #pubgm #ComingSoon,” the post reads. PUBG Players speculate this new item would be a ‘heat pack’ of sorts allowing players to stay warm. There is no other information on the availability of this new item in the game, whether it will be a loot item or players will spawn with it.

The new Cold Front Survival mode will be available on April 16 and players will then be able to get a clearer idea of what it’s all about.

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