Progress launches serverless rules engine for JavaScript apps

Matthew N. Henry

Development has produced a serverless rules motor for building, testing, and deploying rules for JavaScript programs, named Corticon.js. With Corticon.js, rules can be deployed as serverless functions or to cellular or IoT programs, eliminating the need for server-aspect processing.  

Released July 15, Corticon.js was derived from Progress’s Corticon company rules management system. Capabilities incorporate:

  • Enabling company analysts and coverage experts to writer company logic without the need of coding.
  • Featuring a structured approach to documentation of company logic for knowledge retention and regulatory overview.
  • Deployment of determination products and services as either website products and services or straight embedded in programs.
  • Support for light-weight, serverless architectures. 
  • Elimination of dependencies on knowledge and code from other units.

Corticon.js is positioned for ease of use, with spreadsheet-design modeling tools and an intuitive interface to regulate rules sans coding. By aligning with cloud-centered infrastructure to permit serverless rules execution, Corticon.js promises to cut down prices by eliminating overhead of running actual physical servers, virtualized machines, or containers.

Corticon.js can be deployed in industries these as economical products and services, health care, and coverage. Development is presenting a trial of Corticon.js at the enterprise website.

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