OpenBot: Turning Smartphones into Robots

Matthew N. Henry

Despite present-day innovations in the industry of robotics, most robots are either expensive or have quite confined functionality. However, a significant part of the planet populace have smartphones, which are equipped with impressive CPUs, cameras, GPS, Wi-Fi and other systems. A the latest examine suggests making use of a smartphone for computation and sensing of a robot.

OpenBot: technique overview. Graphic credit rating: Matthias Müller, Vladlen Koltun, arXiv:2008.10631

The authors of the examine suggest an electric motor vehicle which is able to accomplish very simple tasks this kind of as individual adhering to or authentic-time autonomous navigation. The robot can navigate together a new route and recognise new impediment configurations not integrated in the instruction. It can also recognise dynamic hurdles and endure movement blur thanks to vibrations. The products depends on commonly offered electronics (like Arduino Nano board) and 3D printing for its chassis. A solitary overall body for the robot expenditures $fifty and the rate can be lowered in the circumstance of mass creation.

Existing robots are either expensive or make significant compromises on sensory richness, computational electric power, and interaction capabilities. We suggest to leverage smartphones to equip robots with in depth sensor suites, impressive computational skills, state-of-the-artwork interaction channels, and obtain to a flourishing software package ecosystem. We design a tiny electric motor vehicle that expenditures $fifty and serves as a robot overall body for conventional Android smartphones. We build a software package stack that makes it possible for smartphones to use this overall body for mobile procedure and show that the technique is sufficiently impressive to guidance highly developed robotics workloads this kind of as individual adhering to and authentic-time autonomous navigation in unstructured environments. Managed experiments show that the introduced tactic is robust across distinctive smartphones and robot bodies. A video of our operate is offered at this https URL