With the coronavirus COVID-19 taking the planet by storm, and everyone tightening down in their bunkers, it appears like a good time to imagine about how we perform collectively. Mainly because of the virus, know-how conferences have shuttered and even regular workplace dwellers and meeting makers are finding out how to perform remotely. Open up source program progress is usually performed remotely, so it’s possible by borrowing some of the methods of open source progress, we can all locate greater strategies to perform collectively and continue to be connected?

I spoke with Danese Cooper about “InnerSource” or using open source methods to acquire inside or proprietary program. Cooper is a know-how executive, lengthy time open source advocate and now president of the InnerSource Commons Foundation. 

(Disclosure: I served with Danese Cooper on the board of the Open up Supply Initiative and I have labored with her in other capacities. She describes us as frenemies.)

What is InnerSource?

InnerSource is so named to distinguish by itself from open source. Unlike open source, InnerSource is developed inside your firm. In accordance to Cooper, “InnerSource is the use of open source methods inside the firewall in a proprietary firm since it’s a greater way to compose program.” Some firms who uncovered how to collaborate using InnerSource also locate that they can collaborate extra publicly in open source.