How technology can help seniors at home

Matthew N. Henry

GreatCall reviews show that technology has gone a long way in improving the general lifestyle of man. The world has evolved to be an internet-dependent society with different TextNow opinions. Technology and the internet are the new normal. Many aged people bear witness to the fact that technology is changing the face of aging. This post will consider some of the benefits of technology to seniors and if technology inclusion is enough for aged people. Let’s get started

Social connection- social media and Video Chat help aged people to keep in touch with their loved ones (long-distance family and friends). According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, staying socially connected is as important as healthy aging and maintaining a healthy body genetically. Although no amount of technology can replace in-person human interaction, video chat platforms and services like Skype and other internet-based communication platforms like social media handles or email can supplement aged people’s social interaction with their friends and family members there’re incapacitated to do so. Seniors can leverage their local senior centers for internet-based tutorials on how to operate these platforms, or they can get their tech-savy children or grandchildren to help them set up an account.

Safety- aged persons staying alone can get help with just the push of a button, all thanks to the power of technology. Surveys consistently reveal that most seniors want to live in their own homes as they age. There’re different technological solutions that can make this safer for them. All aged people that stay alone have personal PERS (Personal Emergency Response System). This is a device that allows all the wearers to call for help with just the push of a button. Both seniors and their families can be rest assured that the PERS device can be reliable in terms of any form of emergency.

Safety is also a point of concern for seniors who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, especially those more prone to wandering. Nowadays, there’re different GPS tracking devices that can help monitor a senior’s location and detect if they’re in any form of attack. With this technology in place, their families and care keepers will always have peace of mind, knowing that every unforeseen situation will be handled beforehand.

Exercise- Most nursing homes for seniors have recognized the exercise and recreational benefits that video and sports games offer for elderly adults. Seniors living alone in their own house can also benefit from this Nintendo’s Wii sports games controlled by motion. The games offer them the opportunity to engage in physical activity from the comfort of their home.

For mental exercise, elderly adults can try games like Mahjong (matching and memory), Trivial Pursuit (fact recall), or Tetris (spatial recognition).

Medication management-Technology has made it a lot easier for elderly adults to manage their medications. There’re different apps that can help them prevent medication errors. Most seniors living alone mostly find it hard to keep track of their medications. The reason is not far-fetched. According to a survey conducted by Medco Health solutions, 50% of the adult respondents reveal that they took at least five different prescriptions with 10 to 19 pills daily. Technology solutions are the best; therefore, seniors can leverage these apps to prevent medication errors.

The power of technology cannot be overemphasized, and seniors are not exempted.

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