Hobot 298 robot review: Automated window cleaning for the office Review

Matthew N. Henry

The Hobot 298 is an extraordinary-on the lookout window cleaning robotic built for smaller to medium workplaces that could not have the finances for standard window cleaning solutions. It is a compact cleaning system device less than 9 inches square and 4 inches higher (240 x 240 x 100mm).

It sticks to your window by suction and will clean your windows employing an extremely-fine mist — without having any intervention from you.

Within the box is the robotic, 3 cleaning cloths, a bottle of window detergent, a distant command, and the electricity adapter. The robotic has a protection cord that you connect to a position on your window body.

This is so that if the robotic falls off the window, it does not fall onto the ground. The electricity adaptor has a 4m extensive cord so you can clean the furthest reaches of the window pane. There is also a spare electrostatic water nozzle.

The robotic has a removable water tank for water for the supplied window detergent. Plug the electricity adapter in with the extension, hold the robotic in opposition to the window, and use the onboard swap to get started the vacuum suction.

The distant command allows you manually command the direction of the robotic, or decide on the manner of direction. There is also a electricity swap on the robotic by itself if you do not like employing the distant command.

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You do will need to absolutely demand the battery on the robotic just before employing it. The battery is a UPS so that if the electricity fails, the robotic will not quickly fall off the window, but will stay attached to the pane for up to twenty minutes. If the electricity is interrupted, the robotic will end and beep, and crimson and blue lights will flash.

The Hobot 298 is straightforward to set up and use. Deal with the protection cord carabineer to a secure location to guarantee the robotic will not be broken if it falls.

Fill the water tank up with water, repair the cleaning fabric onto the cleaner, location the Hobot onto the window, and swap on the electricity. Hobot endorses that you dry clean the windows initial employing the fabric, just before employing water, to prevent any smears as the water mixes with the dirt.

The wet clean makes use of the ultrasonic spray to intermittently spray a tiny amount of money of fluid onto the glass ahead of the robotic. Hobot says that the robotic will clean up to 1 square meter employing 1 milliliter of water.

The 298 follows a structured zig-zag route across the window spraying ahead of it as it goes. It will take about 2 minutes, 24 seconds to clean a square meter of glass.

If your windows are truly dusty or dirty, then I would endorse undertaking the dry cleaning many moments just before employing the wet clean to make confident that there are no streaks or smears.

In use, the robotic prefers larger sized window panes. It struggles if it does not have much place to maneuver. Even so, on substantial expanses, the robotic is excellent, albeit gradual. On extremely dirty windows with targeted visitors grime, it does leave smears — even just after dry wiping initial.

Does it preserve any time? I am not confident. I was mesmerized viewing how it mapped out its route across the windows and how it managed to clean dirty marks off the windows.

I am confident that in time, it would just come to be another place of work job that essential to be finished. But, at the second, I like how successfully it cleans the window pane and under no circumstances falls off. Genius.

All in all, this is a fantastic option for the smaller place of work/dwelling place of work and for someone who finds the expenses of standard window cleaning prohibitive. At less than $five hundred, it will pay for by itself in no time.

If you have substantial expanses of glass in your house or place of work and hate cleaning your windows, the Hobot 298 could be the option for your window washing woes.

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