History behind the groundbreaking AlphaGo AI revealed in a new documentary

Matthew N. Henry

The game of Go is a single of the most historic, though also remaining a single of the most sophisticated in conditions of feasible combos of moves and strategies. It has been also a tough ‘nut’ to crack for the equipment understanding and synthetic intelligence experts.

This year, on March 9, it was the 4th anniversary of a environment-well-known function, exactly where AI challenged the famous Go grasp for the first time at any time. There is an appealing tale powering this function, as effectively as the creation of the method itself that was utilised for this reason.

This documentary presents a good deal of appealing concepts about the upcoming of equipment understanding, its capacity to develop new and primary strategies, and also raises a lot of queries about our individual brain.

You can watch the video clip underneath:

Resource: DeepMind on YouTube