Elac Debut Reference DBR62 review: High-end design, friendly sound

Matthew N. Henry

Since leaving Pioneer in 2015, speaker designer Andrew Jones has ongoing to generate some of the finest speakers for the funds in his new household at Elac The united states. His most recent speaker, the Debut Reference, shares DNA with the first dam-busting Debut B6, which manufactured a warm seem and a whole lot of bass for a compact speaker. The Reference is the authentic sonic successor to the first Debut, with its very own warm nonetheless vocally expressive seem. 


  • Heat tone handles jazz, people and vocals significantly properly.
  • Forgiving and functional with numerous systems.
  • Premium structure for the funds.

Do not Like

  • They deficiency the push demanded by rock and pop.
  • Less costly Elacs provide superior benefit for the funds.

As a great deal as I liked listening to the Elac Debut Reference DBR62, it can be debatable if it can be really worth the further value when compared to Elac’s Debut 2.. The 2. is remarkable in numerous methods at 50 percent the cost, when the Uni-Fi provides an even far more thorough overall performance for the similar funds as than the Reference. Neither of those people appear or feel as high quality as the Reference, however.

If you you should not crave out-and-out pleasure in your new music, and as a substitute want a laid-back again overall performance for jazz or vocal-intensive new music the Debut Reference looks and sounds the section. The Elac Debut Reference Bookshelf Speakers DBR62 are out there for $600, £600 or AU$1,000.

Elac Debut Reference Bookshelf Speakers DBR62

Dig that walnut wrap.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Wood and steel

The Debut Reference is one of the most the most eye-catching Elac speakers nonetheless. They appear high-quality with the magnetic woolen grill in spot, which displays off the vinyl walnut wrap of the back again and sides. But I desired them without the need of the grill. The visible star is the metallic mesh about the dome tweeter, which adds a futuristic appear to the significant speaker structure. 

Underneath the tweeter is a six.5-inch aramid fiber woofer and flared bass port. On the rear you can discover gold-plated binding posts. The speaker will come in two finishes: a white baffle with an oak cupboard, or the model I reviewed, a black baffle with a walnut cupboard. It is eight.eighteen inches huge by fourteen.thirteen inches large and ten.82 inches deep, and at eighteen kilos for every speaker, it feels significant as you take out it from the box.

The DBR62’s frequency reaction is rated at 44Hz to 35,000Hz with a utmost suggested electricity enter of a hundred and twenty watts.

Elac Debut Reference Bookshelf Speakers DBR62

Grill-off FTW.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

How it sounds

Even if it can be not the most thrilling hear, the new Debut proves you you should not have to seem crazy-brilliant to be actually hello-fi. The Debut is specifically sensitive to midrange devices like voices and acoustic guitars, and offers people and jazz a genuine sparkle. Although it can be not the first speaker I might pick for couch-leaping to hair steel, it won’t make challenging rock seem lousy by any indicates, both.

I when compared the Elac against two very British models, the Q Acoustics 3030i and the Bowers and Wilkins 685 with a choice of new music and films. I utilised the DBR62 with an Onkyo TX-RZ830, a capable midrange AV receiver, with pleasing final results.

In the course of coronavirus lockdown I am examining speakers from household so I did not have a pair of the Debut 2.0s to look at straight. But I know their seem properly enough to know promptly they are different speakers altogether than the Reference series. The Debut 2.0s have a very forward character when compared to the laid-back again character of the Reference, and they need a whole lot far more treatment in system matching. 

I commenced my screening with the bombast of Dead Can Dance’s epic Yulunga (Spirit Dance) and when the Debut Reference Treble was not as cavernous-sounding as the other two, it experienced its very own charms. Of the 3 it was the only one to make the shaker eggs seem sensible, for illustration. The bass drum was taut and the vocals experienced superior depth on the edges of notes. There was an simplicity to the Reference that I listened to again and again, though it did translate to a slight decline in dynamics.

The Q Acoustics 3030i provided the greatest feeling of space in this expansive recording and an great seem phase, even if the base finish was a minimal flabby sounding. The B&W was the brightest — significantly with the shakers — and its seem top quality was someplace amongst the Debut and the 3030i, but without the need of the depth retrieval of the previous.

The Elac Reference came out forward again with the easy guitar and voice of Ben Harper’s Widow of a Residing Guy. With the Q Acoustics on my speaker stands the 3030i manufactured the top edges of his voice seem processed in a way I hadn’t listened to in advance of. But it was the Debut Reference stopped me in my tracks: that about-etched seem was gone, and just the haunting overall performance remained.

Turning to arena rock, I put on Foals’ Mountain at my Gates, and the Debuts lastly betrayed their acoustic leanings. With this and other rambunctious tracks the Debut’s stored me at a distance. It was not uninteresting but the track did not leap at me the way the B&Ws did. It was the Q that sounded poorest with this keep track of — it can be not the most audiophile combine but as soon as the chorus kicked in the seem was actively unpleasant

Eventually, I turned to household cinema wherever the Elac slipped comfortably into my Frankenstein household system consisting of a Canton sub, Klipsch Atmos speakers, and SVS rears. In Spider-guy 3, as Peter Parker bursts by means of an place of work building window, there was a incredible synergy with the Elac — as the total area appeared to twinkle with shattered glass. However I manually calibrated the speakers just about every time, the final results were not pretty as magical with the Q Acoustics. The 3030i did not mix as properly with the rears and there appeared to be a disconnect amongst the entrance of the area and the back again. Far more importantly, the dialogue and effects had been a minimal harsher sounding. Q Acoustics is a household theater speaker, however, and Spiderman 3 imbues it with lots of pleasure.

Must you buy it?

The Elac Debut Reference DBR62 is a refined speaker with elegant cosmetics and a winning seem. Although it can be not the finest with slamming rock or dance, it provides people and jazz followers a sweet-natured overall performance. It is also astonishingly great with films.

Speaker prospective buyers on the lookout for utmost benefit ought to to contemplate the cheaper Elac styles first, significantly the Debut 2., the Elac Debut Reference is a charming speaker which will slot in easily into most stereo or AV systems.

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