Datadobi locks critical data in an air-gapped vault

Matthew N. Henry

Datadobi wishes consumers to hide absent their most beneficial knowledge inside of a solution bunker.

DobiProtect permits consumers to replicate a duplicate of organization-critical unstructured knowledge to a manually air-gapped atmosphere. This would support safeguard corporations that intensely count on unstructured knowledge this sort of as invoices, buy orders and contracts from ransomware, insider threats and natural disasters. The software package is mounted on the storage concentrate on, which can be on premises or in the cloud. A guide air gap allows consumers manage when DobiProtect pulls knowledge from the key source into the concentrate on atmosphere, and the source has no trace of DobiProtect on it. When necessary, DobiProtect can restore the replicated knowledge to any SMB, NFS or S3-suitable storage. The storage atmosphere DobiProtect is mounted on can also be employed as a failover website.

DobiProtect isn’t by itself a knowledge protection products but is meant to dietary supplement goods from vendors this sort of as Veeam or Acronis. It is superior explained as a knowledge management and migration device that provides more protection for organization-critical unstructured knowledge. Prospects pick what knowledge to place into air-gapped and minimal accessibility “bunkers,” employing the similar knowledge migration technology found in Datadobi’s DobiMigrate products. A customer could restrict the range of personnel customers who know about the bunker for more security.

DobiProtect combines DobiReplicate and DobiSync underneath a one products title. DobiReplicate performs NAS-to-NAS and S3-to-S3 replication, and DobiSync handles NAS-to-S3. Combining the two enables consumers to replicate NAS-to-NAS-to-cloud without employing individual goods.

Datadobi CTO Carl D’Halluin explained DobiProtect and its knowledge vaulting emerged as a outcome of what Datadobi consumers had been performing with DobiMigrate. A common knowledge protection use circumstance of the migration device was to issue copies inside a heterogeneous system, this sort of as leftover NAS devices from immediately after an acquisition. The will need for a way to rapidly established up an air-gapped atmosphere emerged and Datadobi made all around it.

D’Halluin explained most consumers by now know what knowledge they want to lock inside of the bunker and usually are not inquiring for any applications for identifying critical knowledge. Yet, the capacity to locate out the age and ownership of knowledge is on DobiProtect’s roadmap.

screenshot of Datadobi
Knowledge stored in a Datadobi DobiProtect ‘bunker’ can be restored to any NAS or item on premises or in a cloud. Alt text: screenshot of Datadobi

Tom Smith, electronic analyst and strategist at Insights From Analytics, explained DobiProtect is a reasonable evolution of Datadobi’s migration abilities. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations have turn into increasingly apprehensive about organization continuity and catastrophe restoration (BC/DR), to the issue that executives and choice-makers outdoors of IT have started out to care. They’ve warmed up to the plan of segmenting out the knowledge that the organization are unable to survive without and storing it in a solution server that only the firm’s legal professionals and CISO (main details security officer) know about.

“A 12 months back, there most likely was not a demand. But now, the C-level cares,” Smith explained about BC/DR.

Smith extra that this functionality isn’t one of a kind to Datadobi, as any knowledge mover could be employed to create air-gapped knowledge bunkers if consumers know how to established it up themselves. He explained now that there is new demand for this functionality, he wouldn’t be astonished if other vendors improve their marketing and advertising emphasis towards it.

Marc Staimer, president of Dragon Slayer Consulting, explained providers this sort of as StrongBox Knowledge Remedies and Hammerspace have goods that can achieve what DobiProtect does. The true value of these applications will come from their capacity to get the job done throughout multivendor environments. Staimer explained most storage replication applications can only do like-for-like, and it’s unreasonable to feel all corporations will use the similar storage seller throughout its entire daily life. Leftover storage devices from an acquisition is just a single common instance.

Staimer explained DobiProtect’s use circumstance is specialized niche. Although 80% of knowledge is unstructured, a substantial vast majority of that knowledge is chilly. The whole amount of money of unstructured knowledge that corporations would think about critical ample to lock in a particular-accessibility vault is tiny, and catastrophe restoration as a company is a superior BC/DR selection for rapidly restoring whole production environments in circumstance of a truly catastrophic outage. Nevertheless, Staimer explained DobiProtect has an crucial position to perform for corporations with heterogeneous storage that will need that more layer of knowledge protection.

“DobiProtect is a slim-use products, but which is not a poor thing. There is certainly a in good shape for it,” Staimer explained.

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