Conversational AI to help with high demands in contact centers

Matthew N. Henry

Get in touch with facilities have skilled an inflow of calls with minimal employees due to COVID-19 lockdowns all over the world. As a end result, firms are turning to conversational AI tools this kind of as interactive voice response techniques and chatbots.

For case in point, Nuance Communications recently announced Voice to Agent Messaging, a new capacity in the Nuance Intelligent Engagement System. Relatively than forcing customers to wait around for an offered agent or go away a amount to obtain a call back, the attribute allows them go away messages, then transcribes the calls and employs natural language processing to review and direct the transcript to a customer assistance agent or messaging channel.

“[Get in touch with facilities are] working with massively greater demand from customers. What the solution in its simplest does is it asks the purchaser why it is they’re contacting. It captures that information and facts by a speech, and we can implement some natural language processing to that,” reported Seb Reeves, clever engagement market place progress manager at Nuance.

According to Ian Jacobs, principal analyst at Forrester Exploration, tools like chatbots and interactive voice response techniques help superior balance the workload. “It is striving to shift the quantity absent from the mobile phone … and see if some electronic conversational AI expertise can solve the customer’s challenge,” he reported. “In essence, they generate a scenario or a operate merchandise for an agent to take care of when they are absolutely free to do so. It really is that same underlying notion below of ‘How do we shift the quantity from this outrageous-higher quantity and high-priced channel to a much less high-priced channel where by it can take care of a number of interactions?'”

Replicant Answers also recently announced a new conversational AI instrument made to help brokers mitigate lengthy hold instances and higher call volumes. AI Voice Responder is ready to not only get customer calls but also solution a assortment of commonly requested concerns. The calls are then prioritized, and more sophisticated or urgent difficulties are handed above to reside reps.

“A single of the interesting issues that we confront right now the challenge we confront in the customer assistance space is just this elastic capability. Because call quantity transformed drastically due to the fact of the coronavirus, agent capability transformed a great deal as perfectly. And I think right now you will find ‘I have an emergency, I have to have more capability can you help me with it?'” reported Gadi Shamia, CEO of Replicant. “I think we are golden. I think in the long run the customer assistance entire world is going to alter pretty drastically, due to the fact it is discovered this genuinely interesting lesson about the lack of ability to balance source, which is amount of brokers and demand from customers, which is amount of roles.”

In the previous, conversational AI has been viewed as impersonal to many stop buyers, supplied the tool’s lack of ability to convey empathy. However, firms are commencing to innovate how AI can audio and interact with stop buyers in a way that is more human-like, in accordance to Brent Kelly, president and principal analyst at KelCor Inc.

“The point that is been genuinely impressive for me as I have discovered about the [Replicant Voice Responder] is the conversational way that the voices are that it employs,” Kelly reported. “They’re quite good and it practically helps make you really feel like you happen to be chatting to a authentic human being. I think that is a differentiator the other differentiator that they’ve received is how fast the clever virtual agent is. This synthetic clever bot can determine out what I say and how fast it can react to me, individuals are the two differentiators.”          

While the situation is exclusive, it presents an opportunity for enterprises to apply this technologies even just after the pandemic. Chatbots can get on menial tasks to preserve customer assistance representatives time.

“The other reason that the brokers are going to have to have help is, we are now deploying a great deal more conversational AI, so it is going to take care of a great deal of straightforward items,” Jacobs reported. “All makes are going to be relying on humans for more sophisticated difficulties or difficulties that genuinely have to have a good degree of human empathy or compassion.”

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