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This clock really, really does not want to tell you the time

What’s worse than a clock that does not get the job done? 1 that tends to make an “unbearably loud screeching noise” just about every minute of just about every working day is a strong contender.

That was the aural nightmare facing YouTuber Burke McCabe. But alternatively than just deal with the difficulty, he resolved, in correct Raspberry Pi local community style, to go just one move further. Since why not?

Burke displaying his invention. Credit score: Burke McCabe.

On the back of the clock, along with the designed-in mechanism managing the clock’s arms, Burke included a Raspberry Pi to

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ACSC called in on 427 fed govt security incidents last year – Security

Commonwealth entities suffered 427 cyber security incidents last year that warranted a response from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), new numbers from late last week show.

A report on the ‘Commonwealth cyber security posture in 2019’ [pdf], released as Australia headed into the Easter weekend, provided a detailed breakdown of incidents that impacted Commonwealth (or federal) entities last calendar year, though it does not disclose which entities were victims.

Commonwealth entities include federal parliamentary departments as well as “corporate” entities such as the ABC and Airservices Australia.

“In 2019, the ACSC responded to 427 incidents affecting Commonwealth

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PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode Coming April 16: Here’s What We Can Expect

PUBG Mobile will get a ‘Cold Front Survival‘ mode starting April 16, as teased by the games social media accounts. While not much is confirmed about the new mode, the multiple posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook from the games official account have had fans trying to figure out what the new mode will be all about. From one of the posts, it can be seen that there will be a new item added to the game. Another post shows the image of a drone as part of the new Cold Front Survival mode.

While the company has not clarified

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Big Data Could Undermine the Covid-19 Response

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred interest in big data to track the spread of the fast-moving pathogen and to plan disease prevention efforts. But the urgent need to contain the outbreak shouldn’t cloud thinking about big data’s potential to do more harm than good.

Companies and governments worldwide are tapping the location data of millions of internet and mobile phone users for clues about how the virus spreads and whether social distancing measures are working. Unlike surveillance measures that track the movements of particular individuals, these efforts analyze large data sets to uncover patterns in people’s movements and behavior over

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CheerpJ Java-to-JavaScript compiler boosts exception handling, native methods

Version 2.1 of the CheerpJ Java-to-WebAssembly-and-JavaScript compiler, released April 6, brings optimizations to exception handling and native methods.

Described as a maintenance release, CheerpJ 2.1 introduces optimizations for exception handling, which are now compiled to “much more efficient” JavaScript code, according to a bulletin on the version 2.1 upgrade. In addition, native Java reflection calls have been optimized, thus lowering the overhead in comparison with standard Java calls. The build size of ahead-of-time JavaScript output has been reduced as well.

CheerpJ converts a Java client application into standard HTML, JavaScript, and WebAssembly, working from Java bytecode without requiring access to

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