Apple normally sticks to a relatively strict cycle of yearly updates for its merchandise but, perhaps prompted by the present economic uncertainty, it has accelerated its merchandise releases in modern months. The MacBook Air and the thirteen-inch edition of the MacBook Pro have been very last up-to-date in July 2019: the MacBook Air bought an early update in March, and it is now the transform of the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro.

The aspects of this update bear near assessment, as the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro now gives four common configurations centered on either eighth-technology or more recent 10th-technology Intel Main i5 processors. There are other discrepancies in between the different versions also, so it is essential to compare the unique configurations so that you can decide which just one best satisfies your wants.

The 2020 thirteen-inch MacBook Pro runs on eighth or 10th technology quad-main Main i5 or i7 processors with up to 16GB (eighth gen) or 32GB (10th gen) of RAM, and up to 2TB (eighth gen) or 4GB (10th gen) of SSD storage. 

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When Apple updates the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro each and every yr, it usually keeps just one configuration from the earlier yr readily available in buy to deliver a a lot more very affordable entry-stage alternative (even if the phrase ‘affordable’ is one thing of a moveable feast wherever Apple is concerned). The setting up price for the 2020 edition continues to be the very same as very last yr, at £1,082.50 (ex. VAT £1,299 inc. VAT) or $1,299, and that product does continue on to use the very same processor as its predecessor — an eighth technology, quad-main Main i5 jogging at 1.4GHz, together with 8GB of RAM.

That entry-stage product does get a minor excess consideration, nevertheless, escalating very last year’s meagre 128GB SSD to 256GB. And, luckily, all the 2020 versions now contain Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, with its improved ‘scissor’ mechanism that aims to deliver a a lot more comfortable and responsive truly feel than the broadly criticised ‘butterfly’ keyboards of modern several years (although this does bump the body weight up fractionally, from 1.37kg to 1.4kg). 


The new Magic Keyboard ditches the substantially-maligned ‘butterfly’ mechanism for a a lot more ergonomic and reputable ‘scissor’ mechanism.

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The new keyboard is undoubtedly an advancement, and feels firmer and a lot more responsive than the lifeless keyboard of earlier versions. The Retina Display continues to be the very same, with all the 2020 versions sharing the very same shiny and vibrant display, with 2,560 by 1,600 resolution (227dpi).

The second common configuration readily available on Apple’s site only doubles the storage as soon as a lot more — to 512GB — for an excess £200/$two hundred, and it is not right until you step up to £1,499.seventeen (ex. VAT £1,799 inc. VAT) or $1,799 that you get the all-new 2020 update reviewed in this article. 

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This new configuration now consists of a 10th technology, quad-main Main i5-1038NG7 processor jogging at 2.0GHz (up to 3.8GHz with TurboBoost), with integrated Iris Moreover graphics, together with 16GB of RAM (jogging at a more rapidly 3,733MHz) and a 512GB SSD. This product also consists of four Thunderbolt 3 ports, alternatively than the meagre pair of ports presented by the entry-stage 1.4GHz product. We failed to have the luxury of opening up our evaluation device, but it is been noted on the internet that this 2.0GHz product has a new motherboard design that incorporates a second cooling fan and a a lot more strong set of speakers (we did inquire Apple if that’s proper, but have nevertheless to acquire confirmation).

Again, you can double the sizing of the SSD on the 2.0GHz product to 1TB for £200/$two hundred, or you can up grade to a Main i7 processor jogging at 2.3GHz (up to 4.1GHz with TurboBoost) for the very same sum. As generally, nevertheless, Apple’s memory upgrades are very expensive, costing £400/$400 to include another 16GB of RAM. You can also spend a even further £600/$600 on a 2TB reliable-state push, or £1,two hundred/$1,two hundred for 4TB of storage. However, the excess Thunderbolt ports on this product make exterior storage upgrades a substantially a lot more very affordable and practical alternative.


Apple’s announcement of the new thirteen-inch MacBook Pro claimed that it gives ‘up to 2.eight periods more rapidly performance’ — but that’s in comparison to a twin-main product from two generations in the past. The overall performance advancement more than very last year’s product is a lot more modest. The 10th technology Main i5 processor in our 2020 evaluation device achieves one- and multi-main processor scores of five,five hundred and seventeen,950 when jogging Geekbench 4, compared to very last year’s scores of 4,870 and seventeen,three hundred.

Jogging the more recent Geekbench five generated scores 1,250 and 4,480 for one- and multi-main overall performance, which are equivalent to the scores of 1,308 and 4,900 recorded by the marginally a lot more expensive Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. However, the MacBook Pro edged in advance on graphics overall performance, hitting fourteen.8fps with the Unigine Valley check, compared to 11fps for the Surface Laptop 3, or eleven.5fps for very last year’s MacBook Pro product. That could possibly seem to be like a somewhat tiny distinction, but the Valley check suite is rather demanding, so an maximize of even a couple of frames per second even now represents a worthwhile advancement. Apple also points out that the MacBook Pro’s Iris Moreover graphics can assistance exterior displays of up to 6K resolution — including, of class, Apple’s very own expensive Pro Display XDR. 

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The only minor disappointment with the 2020 thirteen-inch MacBook Pro is that battery existence drops marginally. Apple estimates ‘up to 10 hours’ for each the eighth technology and 10th technology processors, and very last year’s product with the eighth technology 1.4GHz processor did control an impressive nine hours forty five minutes when streaming movie on the BBC iPlayer. However, this year’s a lot more strong 10th technology product could not rather match that, delivering eight hours forty five minutes of streaming movie through the BBC iPlayer. Even so, that’s ample to give you a whole day’s perform with no issues, and also beats the Surface Laptop 3 by a great two hours.


The 720p FaceTime Hd camera in the huge bezel previously mentioned the display is due an update.

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The 2020 thirteen-inch MacBook Pro is a lot more of a ‘speedbump’ than a radical revamp, but Apple is clearly hoping to supply a tempting quad-main up grade to owners of older twin-main versions, as properly as competing with more recent rivals these types of as Microsoft’s Surface assortment. Its lightweight design and battery existence are even now hard to beat, and it is great to see Apple at last putting its keyboard issues to rest. So when this year’s update might not be an vital up grade for owners of a lot more modern versions, it does make certain that the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro continues to supply an eye-catching, moveable design and solid overall performance for business enterprise end users.

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