A Robotic Positive Psychology Coach to Improve College Students’ Wellbeing

Matthew N. Henry

Robots are staying used for many wellness and wellbeing linked responsibilities. A latest paper investigates how the human-agent partnership could contribute to psychological wellness assistance.

A portable robotic station was intended for use in students’ dormitory rooms. It makes use of a commercial robotic, which has some simple skills as delivering the weather conditions forecast or scheduling reminders. In the review, an more constructive psychology ability was developed.

Impression credit history: Akbarali through Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.)

All through the psychology session, the robotic asks consumers to recognize their strengths, consider about a few good items that transpired that working day, or to enjoy experiences that a person typically hurries via. The ability can be brought on by a command or a proactive recommendation by the robotic. Put up-review interviews confirmed that most students appreciated the companionship. However, some students expressed privateness worries due to the fact the robotic was employing a digicam and microphones to initiate a conversation.

A important quantity of school students undergo from psychological wellness challenges that impression their actual physical, social, and occupational outcomes. Several scalable technologies have been proposed in purchase to mitigate the unfavorable impression of psychological wellness diseases. Nevertheless, the evaluation for these technologies, if performed at all, often stories mixed outcomes on bettering users’ psychological wellness. We have to have to much better fully grasp the variables that align a user’s characteristics and demands with technologies-based interventions for constructive outcomes. In psychotherapy theory, therapeutic alliance and rapport in between a therapist and a client is regarded as the foundation for therapeutic accomplishment. In prior functions, social robots have demonstrated the likely to establish rapport and a doing the job alliance with consumers in many settings. In this do the job, we take a look at the use of a social robotic coach to produce constructive psychology interventions to school students dwelling in on-campus dormitories. We recruited 35 school students to take part in our review and deployed a social robotic coach in their home. The robotic sent day-to-day constructive psychology sessions amongst other practical skills like delivering the weather conditions forecast, scheduling reminders, and so forth. We discovered a statistically important advancement in participants’ psychological wellbeing, temper, and readiness to improve conduct for enhanced wellbeing following they done the review. Furthermore, students’ temperament characteristics were being discovered to have a important association with intervention efficacy. Examination of the submit-review job interview unveiled students’ appreciation of the robot’s companionship and their worries for privateness.

Url: https://arxiv.org/abs/2009.03829