Day: June 26, 2020

Race Is Real, But It’s Not Genetic

A good friend of mine with Central American, Southern European, and West African ancestry is lactose intolerant. Consuming milk products upsets her stomach, and so she avoids them. About a 10 years in the past, since of her low dairy intake, she feared that she may not be receiving plenty of calcium, so she asked her medical professional for a bone density exam. He responded that she did not will need one since “blacks do not get osteoporosis.”

My good friend is not alone. The perspective that black persons really don’t will need a bone density exam is a longstanding

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The FBI’s Repatriation of Stolen Heritage

The 1st day of April, in 2014, dawned “gray, chilly, wet, unsightly,” recalls Supervisory Special Agent Tim Carpenter of the FBI’s Artwork Theft Application in Washington, D.C. Early that morning, his team knocked on the door of Don Miller’s farmhouse in Waldron, Indiana.

Element of that team was cultural anthropologist Holly Cusack-McVeigh, who remembers becoming so nervous that she hadn’t slept the evening right before. While she experienced experienced several human cultures, regulation enforcement was new. “This was way outside of my comfort zone,” she suggests.

A tip to the FBI experienced brought Carpenter and Cusack-McVeigh to Miller’s door. In

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Ten Years in the Life of the Sun, Up Close and Personal

If you might be experience like you could use something new and various to observe to just take your mind off the state of the earth, take into account the Sunshine.

NASA has introduced a video, embedded underneath, that reveals it in a way you most likely have hardly ever observed, and perhaps hardly ever even imagined.

The video reveals an total ten years of action on the Sunshine in the span of a solitary episode of, nicely, identify your favorite television sequence. If you might be something like me (a proud science visualization geek), and most likely even if

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New Microsatellite Will Focus on Industrial Methane Emissions

Claire, a microsatellite, was monitoring a mud volcano in Central Asia when a mysterious plume appeared in its peripheral watch. The fifteen-kilogram spacecraft experienced spotted a huge leak of methane—a strong climate pollutant—erupting from an oil and gas facility in western Turkmenistan. The sighting in January 2019 finally spurred the operator to fix its machines, plugging a single of the world’s greatest claimed methane leaks to day.

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